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Radario provides cloud based sales and marketing automation solutions
for: theatres, concerts and shows, sports, other events.

Before Radario

?moreкак было раньше
  • No ticket control, difficulties with quotas distribution;
  • No information about the audience;
  • High prices;
  • Many middle men;
  • Difficulties with reporting;
  • Ticketing took long time, was expensive and complicated;

Now with Radario

?moreкак было раньше
  • Your own sales system without any middle men or agents;
  • Simple and user-friendly web portal;
  • Audience database, high-power analytic tools
  • Quick Tickets sales launch within an hour;
  • Triple data backup and security;
  • High up time and fail-safety.

Tokio Hotel and 30 Seconds to Mars

Tours of world stars

Electronic Family

European music festival


White label and special payment processing conditions

Rock in Rio

Ticket sales for one of the world’s largest music festivals

Wargaming Forum

One of the largest game development industry events


European tour of the biggest russian rap artist

Over 1250 clients trust us

Radario platform capabilities


CRM, marketing, data

Working with the audience database, audience segmentation, mailings, loyalty programs


Fully-featured ticketing system

Full access and control over your event tickets, easy analytics and reporting


Sales channels and high-powered analytics

Radario allows using any number of sales channels and will analyze them as sales progress


Solutions for retail sales

Theatre.Go, special projects and other Radario retail solutions for successful sales campaigns


CRM, marketing, data

Radario platform automatically captures critical customer information and provides powerful tools
for effectively communicating with your customer base: create databases and submit them personalized offers,
based on frequency and quality of their purchases. You can create you own loyalty and sales growth programs.

  • iconAll the information about your customers goes to the built-in CRM system
  • iconAdjustable questionnaires to collect additional information
  • iconOut of the box templates for rules based, personalized e-mails and notifications
  • iconSegmentation by geographical factors, purchases, behavior and other parameters
  • iconIntuitive and flexible wizard tool to create messages of all types
  • iconPossibility to upload external database to the system
  • iconIntegration with external sources via API

Fully-featured ticketing system

Radario allows you to control all ticket sales online from a single portal,
all base processes and procedures are automated.

  • iconQuick and easy events launch
  • iconInteractive seating map with pricing, rates and quotas
  • iconYour data is safe with a triple backup strategy and best in class up time
  • iconEverything you need for loyalty programs: promo-codes, certificates, mailings
  • iconEvent entry control system with real time data synchronization, immediate scanning, off-line operation
  • iconAgent or license contract, direct deposits (with Stripe integration)
  • iconPowerful API for programmatic integrations: share data with your partners
  • iconTechnical support available for you and your clients 24/7, multiple languages
  • iconSeason passes
  • iconDynamic pricing (soon)

Sales channels and high-powered analytics

Sales channels and high-powered analytics, Radario system allows
using any number of sales channels:

  • iconSell tickets directly from your website, social media accounts, mobile apps
  • iconDifferent ways to manage event tickets – recurring, seasonal, etc.
  • iconCreating you own website and launching sales within 5 minutes
  • iconSales via social media (for example,
  • iconHigh-powered analytic tools, tracking of each channels conversion in a single place
  • iconIntegration with Google Analytics
  • iconOffline sales via box office with any number of cashiers
  • iconAPI to organize sales via your partners
  • iconUnlimited number of online and offline distributors
  • iconiOS and Android apps as your retail outlet
  • iconOver 150 affilate partners

Solutions for retail sales

Modern technologies to launch retail sales for tickets and merchandize.

  • iconBackend for ticket resellers
  • iconYour own mobile app
  • iconGlobal performing arts project Theatre.Go
  • iconSpecial projects
  • iconEvent discovery and online chat
  • iconIndividual and outstanding landings for special projects
  • iconMerch store

Geography & Franchise

Radario provides cloud-based solutions for the entire industry,
that could be used from any part of the earth with our product franchise model

Our solutions help improving business of both sides: event hosts and ticket resellers.

Radario solutions are available on 7 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian.

We are an international company and we provide support to our clients and franchisees all over the world!


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